Dog High Tea

Dog High Tea

When you book a High Tea with the High Tea Ladies, you can also book a High Tea for your best friend.

We will bring along 4  healthy treats for your best friend to enjoy, so he or she is not left out.

He or she will have his own tiered tray on which the treats will be served.

A special bowl will be supplied to serve the dog friendly tea in.   Teas such as Skin Tea, Energy tea, and Calm Tea, special blends for dogs.

$20 it will cost you to give your special friend a treat.


Of course if you want to have a birthday party for your dog, we can do that also.

You just order the packs for the guests and  we will deliver for you to have your  dog party. We will set it up for you and then it is up to you.

We will return to collect the items later.