Affordable Wedding Ceremonies

Affordable Wedding Ceremonies

In the hinterlands of Byron Bay, lies some beautiful country villages with character.

I do pop Up weddings( a subsidiary of High Tea Ladies ) is  group of professionals who have got together to create a very affordable wedding ceremony package, that is absolutely affordable and charming.

Package’s include Celebrant, Photographer, Decor, Venue and finger food catering and start from $1,850.

Our best kept secret is Wyrallah Chapel – a beautiful heritage chapel, this is where you can have your ceremony.




Wedding Ceremony Packages in Lismore and surrounds

High Tea Ladies are part of the I Do Pop Up Weddings Team.  Our Ceremony Packages include the Venue, of which we have two to choose from, Wyrallah Chapel  overlooking the Wilson River, and Inn-A-Harmony on the banks of the Richmond River in Coraki.
The Celebrant, The photographer, Decor and finger food catering at the ceremony.

There are no time slots, you just get to pick you day and the time that you would like your wedding, and we do the rest.

Packages start from $1,800.

Hens Parties – High Teas or Group Picnic or Picnic Wedding Receptions

Ultimate Hens Parties by High Tea Ladies.  Can be a elegant High Tea, Little bit naughty High Tea, or a Group Picnic.

WE come to you, whether it is your home, holiday house or hall.  We deliver, we set up with decor, and we clean up.  All you need to do is enjoy the day.

So if you are travelling to Byron Bay,  Brunswick Heads, Ballina, Lismore or surrounds for a celebration with the ladies we can help you.

Picnic Wedding Receptions can also be arranged for your big day.  Wedding Receptions can be set up outside if it is a lovely day, or inside a hall. 

Can be set up with tables and chairs, low tables, picnic rugs or a combination of both.


So if you are looking for a different wedding reception without all the formality, we have your answer, and it can be set up just the way you would like it.



Pop up Weddings in Hinterlands of Byron Bay

I Do Pop Up Weddings is a team of professionals who have got together to assist the couples who wish to get married for a reasonable price, and we work with High Tea Ladies

All of our packages include the venue, celebrant, decor, photographer, and catering for toast.

Two venue to select from, and every detail is looked after for you

No chance of seeing another couple.  Three hours is your time, and there will never be another couple at the same time, and best of all you can choose your own date and time.

So no need to stress over your plans, let us meet with you to discuss.


Budget Weddings in the Hinterland of Byron Bay

I Do pop up Weddings is a team of professionals that are offering outstanding value for your wedding ceremony.

With package deals starting from $1,800 that include the Celebrant, Photographer, Decor, Venue, Finger Food Catering, think of how much money you can save.

You can pick you own date and time, no other couples to worry about.  3 hrs of your own private ceremony.

Bookings for 2018 being taken now, so do not miss out.  

Inn-A-Harmony is a Heritage Homestead on the banks of the Richmond River in Coraki, where the bride can arrive by boat to her ceremony.  How different is that.?

Wyrallah Chapel, is situated in the hinterland of Byron Bay at Tucki Tucki,  Fantastic rural views overlooking the wilson river.- chapel can hold up to 100 guests.

Weddings, elopments, renewal of vows – whatever you wish to do, we can assist.  So easy.  Just call us. 0416231596


Pop Up Weddings in Lismore and surrounds

I Do Pop Up Weddings who are based in Lismore, offer amazing deals for your wedding day in the hinterlands of Byron Bay.  WE deliver excellence and for  a budget price.

Packages include a Celebrant, Venue, Decor, Photography and catering for a toast, and they start from $1.800.

These packages can be utilised on whatever date you would like to have your wedding.  The pop up wedding team will be with you all the way, making sure  everything goes smooth for your big day.

Packages include catering for 25 guests, but you can have as many guests as you like, there would just be an extra charge for extra guests.

The two venue’s that we use are Wyrallah  Chapel a  beautiful historic chapel, and  Inn-A Harmony – a renovated homestead  on the banks of the Richmond River in Coraki.  You can even arrive by  an old fashion river boat for your ceremony.  Now isn’t that a point of difference.

Catering and Decor is done by High Tea Ladies, who also over reception catering in the way of a Picnic Wedding Reception or a High Tea.

Ultimate Wedding Ceremonies to meet your budget

The country town of  Wyrallah, and Coraki offer you magnificent venue’s for your Wedding Ceremony.  I Do Pop Up Wedding team have it all covered.  Whether you are wanting to get married in a chapel, or on a rural property there are great deals for young couples. 

Wedding Ceremony packages include the celebrant, photographer, decor, venue, and catering for a taost.

Packages start from $1,800.

Pop Up Wedding and Ceremony Packages

Wedding Ceremonies without the large price tag.

I do pop up weddings is a group of specialist who have got together to give the young or older couples a wedding ceremony that will suit their budget, but is still a beautiful romantic day to remember. All packages include, Celebrant, Photographer, venue, Decor and catering for a toast.  Great Value and Start from $1,800.

There are also options to have a wedding reception catered by High tea Ladies – either a picnic wedding reception, or High Tea or just finger food.



There are two venues to choose from.  Wyrallah Chapel which is situated on a rural property overlooking the  Richmond River, just outside of Lismore, NSW.  

This heritage chapel is absolutely beautiful, and it would be a highlight of your day to say your vows in this chapel.


Second Venue is  Inn-A-Harmony –  This is a Heritage homestead on the banks of the Richmond River, situated in Coraki.  Manicured Lawns, Rotunda, River Boat to arrive to the Ceremony, stunning views.



If you would like to have a ceremony at your own venue, there is also a macrame arch that can be hired.  



Wedding Ceremony Venues in the Hinterlands of Byron Bay.

I do pop up weddings have two magnificent venues for your wedding ceremony in the Hinterlands of Byron Bay just outside of Lismore. So if you live in Lismore, Casino, Ballina, Kyogle or surrounds, or if you are travelling to the area to get married or elope, it would pay you to check out the two venues.

Both venues have  so much history and character, you will be amazed and delighted to have the opportunity to unit as a couple and start your new life together.

Wyrallah Chapel can seat up to 80 guests and there is standing room as well.

Coraki homestead( Inn-A-Harmony) is right on the banks of the Richmond River, there is a BB for accommodation, a Men’s Shed for the guests to gather while waiting for the bride, a  beautiful  garden walk to enter  the rotunda for the cereony  or you can arrive by a river boat.

Manicured gardens, with a very large oak tree out the back.  Lots of photo opportunities, and very peaceful.   

At both venue’s a Picnic Wedding Reception can be organised by High Tea Ladies.  Beautiful old fashion picnic baskets, picnic blankets and tables for the older guests.  How relaxing that would be, and how much fun.  Both venue’s can provide a plan B in case of bad weather.


I Do Pop Up wedding Team have put packages together to assist young couples to have a re memorable wedding day for a lot less cost.  Each professional of the team is highly qualified and will provide exceptional service to the family involved.

Our Packages start from $1.800 and include the venue, celebrant, photographer, decor, and catering for a toast. 

We also have a macrame arch that we hire out, or can do a package for you at your own venue.

Make your wedding plans easy, and let us do all the work for you.  



Budget Weddings Lismore, Byron Bay and Surrounds

Whether you are getting married for the first time, renewing your vows or eloping.  The I Do Pop up Wedding Team can assist you with your wedding plans, and save you lots of money.


There are two venue’s situated in the hinterlands of Byron Bay.  Wyrallah Chapel, a beautiful heritage chapel with a rural setting overlooking the Richmond River and a Classic old homestead called Inn-A Harmony, set on the banks of the Richmond River.  Manicured Gardens, rain forest garden entry to Rotunda.   There is an option for the Bride to arrive to the venue via a refurbished boat.  What a statement.


Packages start from $1,800 and include catering for a toast by High Tea Ladies.


If you have your own private venue we have two arch set ups that can be hired as well, either by itself or in a package deal.

Further options to have a Picnic Wedding reception is also available.