Biggest Morning Tea

Biggest Morning Tea

If you are wishing to hold a Biggest Morning Tea Event, High Tea Ladies based in Lismore NSW are able to assist.  Great Packages for Fundraiser events.  Everything is done for you.  All you need to do is invite your guests and provide the tables and chairs if you are having a sit down, or just the tables for a buffet style.

If you would like something a bit different, there is alway the High Tea Picnic option as well, which can be incorporated to suit a fundraiser.

We are mobile and travel  approx 50 klms for free from Lismore, and then we need to charge a mileage, but it is only $1 per klm one way.

Mothers day is also coming up very quickly.  Why not shout your mum to a high tea at your house.  She would love it.  

Group Picnics are also a great way to celebrate Mothers Day.  We deliver, we set up, we clean up.  How great it would be to have a beautiful gourmet picnic, in a lovely location in the Northern Rivers.  Relax, talk, and play simple games.  

We are ready and waiting to help you, so give us a call.  

Romantic Picnics for two or Group Picnics

Whether you are wanting to spend some time with your loved one in the hinterlands of Byron Bay, Ballina, Bangalow or Lismore or go on a country drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery, High Tea Ladies can pack a delicious picnic basket for you to enjoy. The picnic is packed up in an old fashion picnic basket, which includes cultery, crockery, teapot, vase of flowers and lace doilies.

Home made cold meats, healthy salad served in jars, and layered desserts in jar for you to enjoy.

Romantic picnics for two, can be set up as a surprise for your loved one.  We can even organise a old fashioned vehicle to transport you to your picnic spot.

Company picnic to social with your work mates, and create some team work.  

Hens Parties for the ladies to have fun and enjoy time together as part of their weekend away.

Picnic Wedding Reeptions can be set up low key, or with all the bells and whistles.  So many different way you can set up your picnic wedding reception and it would look absolutely fabulous.

Imagine no stuck up speeches etc, just a fun relaxed wedding reception.  

So if you are wanting to celebrate some event, and you live in the Northern Rivers of NSW, it would pay you to check us out.


  Why is it that as soon as the word WEDDING is mentioned, the price goes up.  As local caterers of our High Tea Parties, and Gourmet Picnic’s we have seen a way to help those couples that would like to have a beautiful small wedding, and not pay a fortune.   Less stress, as your wedding is all arranged for you, and then you can just enjoy the day.  Ceremony Packages can be used on our pop up wedding dates throughout the year, or we can organise for your own private date.  You can use the Chapel, or your own venue.  So if you are looking at having your Wedding in Lismore, Casino, Ballina, Kyogle, Byron Bay or surrounds, and would like a beautiful old style heritage chapel to have your wedding ceremony, or have your own romantic site to wed,  I would suggest you contact us on  0416231596 or email

We have got together with other wedding professionals, that have the same view as us, and would like to offer couples whether they are young or old, the opportunity to have a day to remember, and not cost the earth.  Whether you are getting married for the first time, or you are renewing your vows, we can help you with your plans.

Our Ceremony packages include a Celebrant, A wedding photographer, A Venue (Wyrallah Chapel), Decor in the Chapel, and catering for a toast after the ceremony with prices starting from $1,800.

If couples are wanting a reception, we can also offer that in the way of a High Tea Wedding Reception, or a picnic Wedding Reception or just finger food catering. 

All of our professionals are of a very high standard, and are ready to assist.    We are looking forward to helping the community.


Elopements, Second time Marriage and renewal of vows or just a beautiful low cost Wedding

I think it is time that couples get a fair go with their wedding plans.  Why is it that as soon as the word wedding is mentioned, the price goes up. Karen and I are older ladies who believe in value and being fair with our clients.  We go the extra mile to please, but we do not charge the earth.  This is why we have put together our wedding packages, to give couples the opportunity to have a wedding that they will remember and enjoy their celebration without the stress of organising and paying the earth.  They can then use the extra funds to enjoy a honeymoon or put towards a deposit on a house.  

Our packages can be used on our set dates at the chapel, or you can book your own private date.  So why not check us out.  

Ceremony Packages by High Tea Ladies starting from $1,800

If you are looking for a stress free wedding and would like everything done for you, and would still like very special, we can help.

Lismore has the Best Kept Secret for you to enjoy on your big day.  Wyrallah Chapel is a historical chapel, built in 1800, located in a beautiful country setting, near the banks of the Wilson River.

The Chapel will be fitted out with decor, red carpet the works, the celebrant is organised, and you will have a professional photographer for one hour.

Catering is done for a toast after the ceremony.  There is a old oak tree on the property where there is plenty of photo opportunities.  Also a great location for the toast.

There is a back room also.



Elopments, Second Marriage, or Renewal of Vows

Every couple who is engaged has a dream wedding planned in their head.  Some would like a extravagant affairs and other couples would like a simple but nice wedding to say their vows and enjoy the day in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Not wanting  the traditional wedding, and would like to enjoy a relaxed  day with their family and friends.

I do pop up weddings and High Tea Ladies are trying to deliver that to the couples in the Lismore, Casino, Kyogle and surrounding areas of the Northern Rivers.

Packages include the Wyrallah Chapel – a beautiful historical chapel set on a hill in a country setting.

A celebrant – Very professional and experienced celebrant who will deliver your own personal ceremony.

A photographaer –  on hour of photography, presented beautifully on a usb.

Decor for the Chapel and catering for your toast after you are married.

Relaxing wedding receptions are also offered in the form of a High Tea, or Picnic, or Finger Food Catering.  Decor is supplied for all catering.

We are two older ladies, that deliver Old fashioned service, with old fashioned prices.   All food is home cooked, and local produce is used as much as possible.

We have great pleasure in helping the young couples in our community.




Catering High Teas and Picnics with old fashion service and Pop UP Weddings

High Tea Ladies have been catering High Teas in the Northern Rivers for 4yrs now, and have got the service down to a fine art.   Other High Tea Catering services, charge extra to serve your high tea, and extra to include some decor.  As we are from the older generation, we include all of that in our packages. We love to please and exceed your expectations.

High Tea catering for any occasion, from Baby Showers, Hens Parties, Birthdays, Weddings and also Children’s Birthday Parties.  Catering can be done as a sit down, or buffet style.

We can put the fun into the party and theme it any way you would like.  Adults have done Mad Hatter Tea Parties, Children Princess Parties or Mermaid Parties.

To extend our service we now do High Tea Picnics.  Either with the old fashioned picnic baskets, or as a buffet style. High Tea Picnics have all the crockery, utensils, vase of flowers, flask, included in the baskets.  Decor is included for your group to make the setting look great.

Old fashioned picnic baskets can be done for around 30 guests, over that we recommend buffet style.

Well now we are doing Pop Up Wedding in Lismore.  We use the Wyrallah Chapel at Tucki Tucki.  Our Packages include the Chapel, Celebrant, Photographer, Decor, Planning and some catering.

Well worth looking into if you are planning to elope, or are wanting a small wedding and would like to save money.




Pop up Weddings in Lismore NSW – no stress

We have finally relaunched our Pop up weddings for 2017.  New location with new pricing.  I am sure we will be able to help a number of brides to be with our service, making it so easy to arrange you wedding ceremony, at a low price.

Who would have thought, that you can have a styled ceremony set up, in a heritage chapel, a celebrant, a photographer and food for a toast (catered by High Tea Ladies) for under $2K.

Just imagine a  Chapel, all restored, in a country setting which overlooks the Wilson River.  Everything is arranged for you, just the way you would like it.  Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and we will ensure that you have a day to remember and a low cost.

Our motto is to help young couples who do not wish to spend a lot of money on their wedding’s in Lismore, NSW to have a beautiful day with no stress.

Pop up wedding time slots are two hours apart, which gives you plenty of time for your own private ceremony.  Plenty of parking at the chapel, and there are nice big trees to have a group shot under or even have a morning or afternoon tea.

of course if you would like to use our services at your own location or use your own photographer, or celebrant, we can arrange that as well.  

So check us out.



Catering in Lismore NSW and surrounds

Here we are two sisters from the good old days, offering a catering service in the Northern Rivers that is very original.   We are giving the rural and country region of the Northern Rivers a chance to experience good old fashion service with our High Tea Catering,  Picnic Catering, Morning Tea Catering and Finger Food Catering.

Yes we can even to wakes, and we do a great deal.   Everything is home cooked, and we take a lot of pride in the way that we present our catering.  

Mini Pies, quiches, Layered Salads, Ribbon Sandwiches, are just a few of the offerings.  When we do a morning tea, we serve the tea in china teapots, and it make a lot of difference to the taste of your tea.  Tea is fast becoming the preferred drink over coffee, and it is so much healthier for you.

Children’s parties are a passion of ours, and we love seeing the look on the birthday girls face, when she see the table all set up for her, and she is made feel very special.

Mad Hatters are a fun way to enjoy a work social, or a birthday.  Getting into the theme is a fun way to celebrate.


Work Functions for Xmas – dare to be different

Dare to be different and have a Gourmet Picnic that will include everyone.

Can be inside or outside.  Can be set up with individual picnic baskets, or buffet style.

3 course Picnic selections, that will tantelise the taste buds..

Picnic baskets set up with vases of flowers, crockery, utensils, flasks everything you will need to enjoy the event, or buffet style with decor.  Each guest will receive a cardboard picnic box to select their menu, and then return to the picnic blankets, or tables that you have organised.

Think of the old days, when the main social event was a picnic,  How much fun was had, games, conversation and best of all relaxed atmosphere.

All you need to do is fine the venue, and organise the alcohol if you would like it.

What a great way to enjoy