High Tea or Afternoon Tea at Home

High Tea or Afternoon Tea at Home

There is always a choice for your High Tea or Afternoon Tea. Whether you cater yourself or have a business come to your house with a High Tea, you can be assured that laughter and conversation will flow easily around the table when you are enjoying a well planned tea party. Well planned is the key, and to keep it simple. Do you wish to do your own cooking, supply your own china, silverware, tablecloths, flowers, tea for a lovely celebration at home with a group of family or friends, or would you prefer to get a business do it all for you.?

DIY High Tea or Afternoon Tea can be done just a well as a professional business if you have all the fine china etc and you love to cook.

My tip would with the food selections, would be to keep it simple. Don’t try to go to gourmet, unless of course you are a experienced cook and love to cook little sweets etc,

If you have a great scone receipe, pull it out and you are half done.

Ribbon sandwiches are a key to the food presentation. Mini Sandwiches that are usually 3 layers with filling in between. You can choose your fillings to suit your guests, but ensusre you cut the crusts off and cut your sandwiches into rectangles. A little touch of decoration on the top of the sandwich, such as parsley just gives the finish touch.

Savouries are very important for your High Tea as well. When you make a little savoury tartlet, ensure you make your own pastry cases. Homemade is just so much tastier. I am sure you have a favourite filling for your tartlet, but ensure you do that little bit of decoration with the finished product.

Sweets. Just little sweets such as lemon curd, mini trifles, or a nice slice cut into a nice size to serve. Again one the most important things is to have a nice decoration on the small sweet.

In Australia we do not follow the traditional High Tea guidelines that started in England. Traditionally there is a High Tea, or Low Tea. The difference is the time of the day that you are having your tea, and the type of food that you serve. Whether it is served at a dining room table or at a coffee table. A High Tea originally was served as a early meal for dinner.

Enjoy a High Tea with your friends and family. The beauty of a High Tea they can be used for any occasion. Baby Shower, Hens Party, Birthdays, Weddings etc.

Examples of food trays

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