High Tea Picnics

High Tea Picnics

$65 per head which incudes everything. We can do a set up for a group or a couple.

High Tea Picnics can be set up at your holiday house, or in a park or garden. We do not set up in Byron Bay at Beaches as it is way to busy. We can recommend other alternatives.

Low tables, china picnic blankets, cushions, china, gourmet food is all supplied. We will set up, and return in approximately one hour and a half to 2 hours from time you start your picnic or if you wish a little longer you can let us know.

Tea and hot water is supplied or ice tea, depending on your preference. Wine Glasses or Champagne glasses can be supplied along with a ice bucket if you require.

ROMANTIC PICNICS $250 PER COUPLE with full High Tea Menu, crockery and decor $200 per couple with a platter version, with similar set up. Platter will consist of cheeses, salami, olives, crackers, fruit options and a cold drink of your choice served in a decanter.

Your picnic will be set up with everything that you require for your picnic. China, picnic blanket, High Tea Food, Champagne glasses, Strawberries,chocolates and decor. We will leave you to enjoy you picnic in peace and return at a arrange time to collect. Wine or champagne glasses supplied as well as a ice bucket. We do not supply the wine or champagne, you will need to bring that along yourself.

You just need to enjoy.

Children’s Picnic set up

Children’s Picnics can be set up in a lot of ways. Low picnic tables, rugs, cushions and crockery can be supplied as well as food to suit the age group of the child.

$45 per child with crockery set up if you would like us to set up the picnic for you with Decor and return to clear up for you. There is different crockery for different age groups of chidren.

Package includes 6 varieties of food for children, and a cold drink of juice or softdrink served in a decanter.

$35 per child with disposable plates and cups. 6 varieties of food for the children to enjoy.

Samples of food:- mini quiches, fairy bread, cupcakes, strawberry skewers,, Ham and cheese sandwiches, pinwheels (vegemite and cheese), Marshmallow teacups.

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