Princess Party Brings Joy to Grandma

Princess Party Brings Joy to Grandma

Our latest Princess Party that we set up with Beautiful China, Pink Décor, Bows on Chairs and Gourmet Food themed to the Princess theme, had us a little worried for awhile.

It was a surprise for the 12yr old birthday girl.  Members of the family such as Aunty, Mother and Grandma were included in the party celebrations.  The parents new they were having a high tea and were all very excited.

As it was a surprise we were let into the house by the person who organised the party so as we could set up and be ready for the return of the guests.  Upon arrival of the guest, the children were sooooo surprised and loved the set up.  After they settled down a little, and decided to sit down at the table, Karen and I were beginning to start serving the food, when we noticed Grandma at the end of the table.  She was crying. Oh dear, what is wrong we asked. Her Reply was “it is all just so beautiful and I am crying with joy.  Thankyou so much for making my grand daughters birthday so beautiful.

This is why Karen and I loved creating a beautiful High Tea for our guests.  It gives us joy to see the expression on peoples faces when we set up the tables for their high tea, and then when they love our home made cooking, that is even better.

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