Romantic Picnic
Romantic Picnic

Many of us are going on holidays in our own states, or are looking for ways to enjoy our local areas. There are a lot of options to make someone’s day very special.

One way is organising a beautiful Romantic Picnic to be set up as a surprise or gathering all the equuipment yourself and setting up at your favourite location.

It does take a little work to impress. You need to choose the right decor to match, and then you need to sit down and think of the best location to set it up. Then their is the food. What sort of food are you going to prepare. If you love organising and cooking, you are on a winner.

If you just do not know where to start, and just would like someone to do it for you, well here we go.

Just give High Tea Ladies a ring.

Picnics are a very safe way to celebrate and is well worth considering in these times.

Group picnics set up on low tables for groups with crockery, utensils, serviettes etc are just so enjoyable.

Pop Up Picnic for groups
Xmas Set Up

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Elopements and Small Intimate Weddings

With all this craziness going on with borders shutting down, guests not being able to attend weddings due to restrictions, I do not blame young couples just taking the stance of eloping and having a celebration party at a later date. AT least they can get married, and start enjoying their married life together. An elopement or a small wedding with just the close family can be such a lovely way to enjoy your special day.

I know that I actually prefer to have a small gathering with the people that actually mean something to me and contribute to and participate in the family and friends circle. Big chance they will still be around to celebrate the Wedding anniversary in 10 years time, and will also be a support for all the life changing events that happen through life.

To me they are the moments to treasure.

It is also a great opportunity to put a small wedding ceremony together yourself, or you can get a professional group like us to assist.

Believe me, you will be very pleased not only with the price, but what you will receive as part of our wedding ceremony package.

It will be a day to remember, and you will love it. But the best thing it will be your way.

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