Wake Catering Lismore

Wake Catering Lismore

I attended a Wake in Lismore the other day, and of course I compared the catering to what we would supply to the Guests.

Although the catering was very nice, the only freshly made items that were served was the sandwiches. Everything else was bought in frozen and just heated up. Deep fried items such as spring rolls, and vegetable bites, mini pies.

All of our catering is home made, and we deliver, set up and clean up for the wake. We go to your home , hall or chosen venue. We will also assisst in finding a venue for you to hire, if need be. To top it all off we are actually cheaper, and we offer a better service.

The wakes that we have done in the home of the life we are honouring, have been beautiful, and if it was me, I would hope that my family do that for me. What better place to have the wake, where there is the heart and soul of the person’s life you are celebrating.

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