Picnic Menu’s

Picnic Menu’s

Picnic Menu is the same for Buffet Style, Picnic Basket Option. Salads and sweets are layered and served in glass jars for Buffets, or Picnic Basket options.

Special dietary  can be catered for at a extra cost of $5 per head for the guest.

If your picnic is only for two guests which is one picnic baskets you would need to select one option from each section below.

If you are ordering a group picnic you can select two or three different options from each section for variety.


MENU ONE-  $35 per head with Picnic Basket  or Buffet Style

Layered Salads (served in glass jars) dressing is on the bottom of jars, buffet will also include a entree or muffins or scones.

$32 per head if salads and sweets served in disposable jars.


Scones or savoury muffins  (Buffets can select from our catering menu )


Mediterranean Salad – Chickpeas, hummus, feta, barley, coriander and dressing

Asian Noodle Salad – Zucchini, rice noodles, carrots, top with a dressing.

Mason Salad – mixed greens, radish, apple, and walnuts top with a dressing

Apple Slaw – Red cabbage, carrot, capsicum and apple, topped with a delightful dressing

Spinach, Radish, Quinoa with blueberry dressing

Barley and Kale salad with white wine vinegar dressing (kale, capsicum,cucumber,tomatoes,barley)

Spinach, Blueberry, Blue Cheese salad -( spinach, almonds, blueberries, blue cheese)



Mini Terrines – Chicken, cranberry and pistachio

Mini Meat Loaves topped with prosciutto

Pork and Veal Loaves topped pancetta

Leg Ham

Vegetarian Loaf  (Baked) topped with roasted almonds

   Mushroom Slice (egg, mushrooms, pine nuts quinoa)



Sweets ( all served layered in jars or containers)

Layered Purred Fruit and Yoghurt

Choc Raspberry Triffles

Cheesecakes – Layered Triple Choc/raspberry

Choc peanut butter with chia jam.



Home made lemon and thyme bread rolls.






MENU TWO – $25  per Head Picnic Basket Style or buffet style

Ribbon Sandwiches (select one from the group.  You will receive 3 ribbon sandwiches)

Kumara and Mango Chutney

Pesto and tomato

Chicken Tahini


Mini Muffins 

Roasted Pumpkin, Basil and Parmesan Muffins

Capsicum and corn Muffins

Spinnach and cheese muffins



Orange and Poppy muffins

Gourmet Slices

Cheese cakes (mini)




Cheese Platters – on request – Cheese can be done up as individual platters, or for a group.  $6 per head. A selection of soft and hard cheese, plus pesto or fruit paste, and crackers and olives.

Ice Tea Decanters :- a selection of Ice tea can be provided for your guests  enjoyment. We can deliver with takeaway cups or with mini milk bottles and straws.

Pina Colada or Strawberry and Champagne or  Minted Green Tea, Mixed Berries



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