Wedding Receptions

Wedding Receptions

Looking for a Cost Effective Wedding Reception but still Wow your Guests?

 High Tea Ladies can set up a Elegant High Tea Wedding Reception  in your own venue suitable for Morning, Lunch or Afternoon reception.
All our packages include our fine china, linen, silverware.

We serve your gourmet menu and clean up when all is finished.

You can choose from our standard packages or we can create a deluxe package  to suit your needs.
We do not supply chair decor, but have a good referral base to assist.

Want something special, just talk to us and we can make it happen.

The Majority of dietary requirements can be met.

We work with you to make your day special.


Optional Extra’s

Ice tea bar or boutique tea set up can be organised for your guests while you are having your photos taken.

White Lace Trimmed rectangle Tablecloths for your tables $12 per table, with 8 linen serviettes.

White Round Tablecloths  Large $12 per table. with 8 linen serviettes.

Canapes or scones jam and cream can be ordered from our catering selections

Special requests can be arranged.



Picnic Wedding Receptions are becoming very popular.  You can relax and enjoy your day and do everything just the way you would like it.

High Tea Ladies can work with you to pack up a beautiful Picnic for your Wedding Reception.

Beautiful Picnic Baskets for the Bride and Groom, with China Crockery and Wine Glasses.

Old Fashioned Picnic Baskets for the Guests with insulated carry Bags.

Picnic Baskets can be placed on picnic blankets or set up in one location for guest to collect.


Picnic Table set up

Buffet Picnic Wedding Reception

Buffet Picnic

For larger weddings we would set up a buffet table with the menu selections, and decor to match your theme. Picnic Wedding Receptions can be set up inside a country hall, or outside in a beautiful location. Food is served in individual serves.   Salads and sweets are served in glass jars, cold meats and bread rolls are also individually wrapped.

You have the choice of having tables and chairs, low tables, picnic rugs or a combination of them all. We do not supply  tables and chairs or low tables, but we can assist you in arranging.  

Picnic Boxes are used for the guests to go to the buffet and select their their choice of food to return to the seating and enjoy.  

Everything is supplied in the picnic box, premium disposable utensils, serviettes etc,  and a premium disposable plate for the table. Picnic boxes are personalised to say thank you from the Bride and Groom.


picnicn Box


White Tablecloths suitable for rectangle tables, with a runner,  linen serviettes, picnic boxes and Menu are $15 per table.

Picnic Rugs with Cushions $12 per rug.  Each rug is suitable for up to 4 guests.

No need to hire crockery, as salads and sweets are served in a glass jar.  Easy for your guests to manage.

We deliver  and set up and clean up after buffet. 


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