Corona Virus Safe High Tea or Pop Up Picnic.

Corona Virus Safe High Tea or Pop Up Picnic.

We are all changing the way that we do things now, because we need to keep our clients and family safe.

High Teas are a little different. Even though all of the food for a High Tea has always been individual serves. We are taking extra precautions with our business to ensure safety of our clients. Individual sanatisers are used so as clients can used them when it comes to pouring their tea from a teapot. Although we prefer to pour it for you, at times you just can’t wait for us to come along, and that is fine, as long as you sanatise before doing so.

We also use more trays for serving, so as the food is spread out on the tierd tray, so as each person can select their own food, in a safe manner.

Instead of our sugar cubes, (which look lovely) we now use sugar sachets.

Just cannot purchase UHT milk for a High Tea, so again we ask clients to sanatise before using the milk jug, or waiting for us to serve.

OUR BUFFET catering is also very safe. It has always been individual serves. Salads in glass jars, sweets in glass jars, and food individually wrapped for each guest. So not much of a change here. We call it picnic style catering, and is great for lunch, or dinner, inside or outside.

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