Wake Catering Lismore, Ballina, Casino and surrounds.

High Tea Ladies are a local business who take a lot of care in providing beautiful fresh sandwiches and home baked delights for your love ones celebration of life. It is the least we can do to make your arrangements that little bit easier. You just need to contact us, and let us know approximately how many you wish to cater for, and we will deliver, set up, serve and clean up for you.

Just call 0423775921 to organise, or drop us a email on

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Mobile High Tea Parties and Pop Up Picnics

Everything is done for you, just need to invite the guests.

Parties are great to have, but do I really need to do all the organising and cooking for my own party.?

Well luck will have it, if you live or are holidaying in the Northern Rivers around Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay, Bangalow and you would like a High Tea or a Pop Up Picnic, High Tea Ladies are here to assist. and

High Tea set up
Group Picnic with low picnic tables, blankets and cushions

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Pop Up Wedding Ceremony Packages

Affordable, Stress Free, Elegant and Value for Money

Weddings do not need to be expensive to experience your dream wedding your way. Whether it is your first, second or third marriage, or you just wish to renew your vows, or you wish to elope. If you talk to the right professionals in the field you will achieve exactly what you are looking for.

The professionals from I Do Pop Up Weddings based in Lismore are ready and willing to assist you with your plans.

Back Yard Ceremony
Ballina Lighthouse
Cold Drinks Table
Finger Food for Toast after Ceremony

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High Tea or Afternoon Tea at Home

There is always a choice for your High Tea or Afternoon Tea. Whether you cater yourself or have a business come to your house with a High Tea, you can be assured that laughter and conversation will flow easily around the table when you are enjoying a well planned tea party. Well planned is the key, and to keep it simple. Do you wish to do your own cooking, supply your own china, silverware, tablecloths, flowers, tea for a lovely celebration at home with a group of family or friends, or would you prefer to get a business do it all for you.?

DIY High Tea or Afternoon Tea can be done just a well as a professional business if you have all the fine china etc and you love to cook.

My tip would with the food selections, would be to keep it simple. Don’t try to go to gourmet, unless of course you are a experienced cook and love to cook little sweets etc,

If you have a great scone receipe, pull it out and you are half done.

Ribbon sandwiches are a key to the food presentation. Mini Sandwiches that are usually 3 layers with filling in between. You can choose your fillings to suit your guests, but ensusre you cut the crusts off and cut your sandwiches into rectangles. A little touch of decoration on the top of the sandwich, such as parsley just gives the finish touch.

Savouries are very important for your High Tea as well. When you make a little savoury tartlet, ensure you make your own pastry cases. Homemade is just so much tastier. I am sure you have a favourite filling for your tartlet, but ensure you do that little bit of decoration with the finished product.

Sweets. Just little sweets such as lemon curd, mini trifles, or a nice slice cut into a nice size to serve. Again one the most important things is to have a nice decoration on the small sweet.

In Australia we do not follow the traditional High Tea guidelines that started in England. Traditionally there is a High Tea, or Low Tea. The difference is the time of the day that you are having your tea, and the type of food that you serve. Whether it is served at a dining room table or at a coffee table. A High Tea originally was served as a early meal for dinner.

Enjoy a High Tea with your friends and family. The beauty of a High Tea they can be used for any occasion. Baby Shower, Hens Party, Birthdays, Weddings etc.

Examples of food trays

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Romantic Picnics for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Picnic
Romantic Picnic

Don’t you think it is time to spoil your loved one.? Here is a way to do it as safe as possible, and at the same time enjoying your favourite vista.

So if you are situated around Lismore, Ballina, Casino, Lennox head or the Byron Hinterlands you are in luck. We will set up a fantastic picnic for you, and return to collect. No stress, all you have to do is order. Glenda 0423775921.

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Wake Catering Lismore, Alstonville Ballina or Casino

When a family looses a love one, it is a very hard time. Decisions need to be made, and sometimes it is just so over whelming that they just go along with whatever the Funeral Director suggests.

Its all to hard, and I just want to make it easy.

I know if I lost someone close to my heart, I would want the service and the wake to be a celebration of life, and for the wake to a lovely way to catch up with all the important friends and family and talk about the good times in the life of your loved one.

This is why a private wake in a lovely country hall, or at the home of the family is always a very personal choice.

Private caterers go that extra mile to make the presentation exceptional and affordable.

Wake catering is one of favourite services that we do. We get to meet lovely families, and assist them to celebrate the life of their loved one in a beautiful way. We make it easy, we do it all. The family just needs to enjoy the company of the family and friends, and that is the way it should be.

To top everything off, all of our food is home made. Sandwiches, quiches, slices, cakes slices and special requests.

Wake Catering
Home made sandwiches, slices etc

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Romantic Picnic
Romantic Picnic

Many of us are going on holidays in our own states, or are looking for ways to enjoy our local areas. There are a lot of options to make someone’s day very special.

One way is organising a beautiful Romantic Picnic to be set up as a surprise or gathering all the equuipment yourself and setting up at your favourite location.

It does take a little work to impress. You need to choose the right decor to match, and then you need to sit down and think of the best location to set it up. Then their is the food. What sort of food are you going to prepare. If you love organising and cooking, you are on a winner.

If you just do not know where to start, and just would like someone to do it for you, well here we go.

Just give High Tea Ladies a ring.

Picnics are a very safe way to celebrate and is well worth considering in these times.

Group picnics set up on low tables for groups with crockery, utensils, serviettes etc are just so enjoyable.

Pop Up Picnic for groups
Xmas Set Up

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Elopements and Small Intimate Weddings

With all this craziness going on with borders shutting down, guests not being able to attend weddings due to restrictions, I do not blame young couples just taking the stance of eloping and having a celebration party at a later date. AT least they can get married, and start enjoying their married life together. An elopement or a small wedding with just the close family can be such a lovely way to enjoy your special day.

I know that I actually prefer to have a small gathering with the people that actually mean something to me and contribute to and participate in the family and friends circle. Big chance they will still be around to celebrate the Wedding anniversary in 10 years time, and will also be a support for all the life changing events that happen through life.

To me they are the moments to treasure.

It is also a great opportunity to put a small wedding ceremony together yourself, or you can get a professional group like us to assist.

Believe me, you will be very pleased not only with the price, but what you will receive as part of our wedding ceremony package.

It will be a day to remember, and you will love it. But the best thing it will be your way.

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Mobile High Teas and Picnics

When staying at your holiday destination in Byron Bay Hinterlands, Lismore, Ballina, Evans Head or surrounding area with a group of friends or family, there is always a question, what can we do for lunch? What unique experience does this area offer for a group to enjoy. We would like to enjoy the scenery with a picnic, is there anybody that offers this service.?

High Teas are a great way to celebrate with a group of family and friends at your Holiday Home, or if you would like to enjoy the great outdoors at your favourite location a High Tea Picnic or a picnic for lunch is always an option.

When I am on holidays I do not wish to cook or do any hard work. Both of these options are a great way to achieve just that. Everything is done for you, and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your well deserved holiday. Isn’t that what it is all about?

A High Tea at your Holiday home is very achievable. There is always a table at your holiday home. A high tea can be delivered to your holiday home. It will have all the gourmet food, fine china, silverware, lace trimmed tablecloth, linen serviettes, table centre and of course the loose leaf tea. Everything will be set up on the provided table, and then the High Tea will be served to you. After the High Tea is finished, the tables will be cleared, and all the washing up done for you. Now isn’t that the way to go. You enjoy the great experience and we do the work. No stress, no hassle. Games can be added to the event, to make the High Tea even more fun.

When you are staying at a stunning location, it is sometimes nice to enjoy the great outdoors. Once again we can accommodate you by providing a picnic set up as a High Tea. We provide the low tables, and the cushions to create a beautiful atmosphere for you to enjoy outside. We set the low picnic tables with all the fine china etc. We can stay and serve if you wish, or we can leave you with everything and will return later to clear for you. Once again you do nothing except enjoy.

Nothing is to much trouble, and guess what all of the food that we deliver is home cooked.

High Tea
High Tea at Byron Bay
High Tea Picnic
High Tea Picnic (photosbyjodie)

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Melbourne Cup Celebrations Lismore

I don’t about you but I am rather sick of all the lockdowns and not being able to do anything. Planning a special occasion and then to have it all spoilt by a potential lockdown. Well Melbourne cup is the next event that is coming up , will it go ahead.? Anyway if you would like to organise a celebration at home, or in a country hall and not have all the stress of cooking, setting up and cleaning up, we are here to assist.

We can even do it outside to be safe if that is the necessary option to follow guidelines. There is not suppose to be lockdowns by then, but there will be restrictions on numbers I feel.

We are the Mobile High Tea specialist in the area, for Ballina, Lismore, Casino and surrounding areas. We bring everything for your High Tea except the tables and chairs. So no stress, we do it all. We will even provide games to entertain your guests.


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