Work Functions for Xmas – dare to be different

Work Functions for Xmas – dare to be different

Dare to be different and have a Gourmet Picnic that will include everyone.

Can be inside or outside.  Can be set up with individual picnic baskets, or buffet style.

3 course Picnic selections, that will tantelise the taste buds..

Picnic baskets set up with vases of flowers, crockery, utensils, flasks everything you will need to enjoy the event, or buffet style with decor.  Each guest will receive a cardboard picnic box to select their menu, and then return to the picnic blankets, or tables that you have organised.

Think of the old days, when the main social event was a picnic,  How much fun was had, games, conversation and best of all relaxed atmosphere.

All you need to do is fine the venue, and organise the alcohol if you would like it.

What a great way to enjoy



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